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Getting to Know the Education Options in San Antonio

Moving to a new area can be confusing and there’s often the added pressure of making sure that you place your family in the best school district. Whether you have school-age children or just want to plan for the future and position yourself in a strong district, there are several in the San Antonio area that will meet your high standards. The suburbs of San Antonio have some of the top performing schools in the state. In fact, Ronald Reagan High School in the North East ISD was recognized as a top school by US News and is ranked #77 in the entire state of Texas.

Rating and Tests

Most parents understand that test scores don’t always tell a full story about the quality of education found in a school yet that is how schools are rated so it is important to understand how the Texas system works.

Schools are rated as Exemplary, Recognized, Academically Acceptable and Academically Unacceptable. For the majority of schools in the suburbs and neighborhoods outside of the downtown San Antonio area, they are rated as Recognized and Exemplary. For a newly established school, they may be considered Recognized until they have more history to report.

The top school districts in the San Antonio area are: Boerne, Randolph Field, Comal, Alamo Heights, Northside Independent and North East. This is based on test scores and overall performance. It can be helpful to visit a school to determine if your child would excel in that type of environment before buying a house in the area. Moving to an area with a top-rated school will not only help your child and their future but can also help boost property values in the long run as well.

Finding a home within your desired neighborhood is like winning the jackpot for your family. Your children can thrive in a strong school and you can know you’re helping to ensure a good future for them.

Higher Education in San Antonio

San Antonio is home to several campuses of the University of Austin, Texas A&M and community colleges, which provide great resources to adults and those who want to continue their education.

To learn more about education options in San Antonio or to find a home in a particular school district, please do not hesitate to contact me today. I’m always just a phone call away and can help you navigate the real estate waters with ease. Connect today!