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Nearby Parks and Beaches

San Antonio’s Parks and Nearby Beaches

Even though San Antonio is not a coastal region, you’ll find that the beaches of Texas’ Gulf Coast are not that far away. A quick drive southeast for about two hours and you’ll arrive at the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in beach towns like Bay View and Baytown. Definitely check out Port Aransas, Rockport, Galveston, and the hidden gem that is Boca Chica. You can choose to stay at various resorts along the beach or drive down for the day and come home. This is all part of the beauty of living near the water but not too close.

Enjoy a day of fishing, shell collecting while listening to the waves roll onto the beach. The Gulf of Mexico beaches tend to be a bit browner in color than other areas and the shell selection is unique. The waves tend to be fairly low unless there is a storm brewing, in which case body boarding and kite surfing are two favorite activities for beachgoers.

Parks in San Antonio

What San Antonio lacks in beaches, it more than makes up for in parks. Some are meant to entertain the younger generations while others provide a retreat and much-needed tranquility for the not so young. Each one has been designed as part of a parks system that continues to grow and flourish. There are several hundred parks spread out throughout San Antonio and these are maintained by the city. Take your dog out for a walk or run beside your kids as they speed past you on their bikes. Whatever you decide to do on beautiful days in Texas, bring your family and get to know the area so you can find your favorite spot and completely relax.

Feed the ducks at any number of San Antonio parks such as Heritage Duck Pond and watch in delight as they swim and eat the breadcrumbs you’ve dropped. The ducks are just a small part of the wildlife you’ll see in any number of more secluded parks and sections. As time passes, you’ll soon find the one that provides the best amenities for you and your family. If you’re downtown, you’ll want to head to Alamo Plaza, Milam Park, HemisFair Park, and Travis Park.

When you choose to explore San Antonio real estate, these parks and beaches are some of the perks. To learn more about this community and the many wonderful perks to living in San Antonio, do not hesitate to contact me today. I’m always just a phone call away and look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you. Let’s get started on finding your dream home today!