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Home-Selling Guide

Whether you need to move up to a bigger space, downsize or relocate for work, selling your home need not be a headache-inducing process. If you take the time to clearly map out your goals, you can get the best value for your property.

Deciding to Sell
A good first step would be to establish your desired time frame for selling and stick to it as much as you can. Rushing to sell might cause you to overlook important market trends and could actually make the selling process longer. Being updated on the current happenings in the real estate market is also recommended, as well as obtaining information on comparable properties, which will help you in pricing your home right.

Choosing an Agent
Once you’re ready to sell, it’s time to consult a real estate professional to help you out. While you can choose to sell your property on your own, working with a real estate professional will certainly make a big difference when it comes to selling your home. With skills and extensive contacts that they have accumulated through years of experience, the right agent will maximize your opportunities by using the most effective marketing and advertising strategies to sell your home.

In general, you should choose an agent that has an established record of successful real estate transactions, is highly knowledgeable in marketing and promotional strategies, and who has a vast network of professional connections. The best real estate agent is one who clearly understands your goals, takes the time to listen to your needs, is always available no matter the time or day, and is capable of prompt and decisive action.

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Preparing Your Home for Selling
When you’ve finally set a price on your home with your agent’s help – something that’s important to get done right the first time around – it’s time to spruce it up to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Home staging, when done right, can be very effective in getting favorable first impressions whether it’s landscaping to enhance curb appeal or an eye-catching room arrangement. Your agent should also take care of listing your property in the local Multiple Listing Service and advertising in every possible media venue such as the internet and other more traditional channels like newspapers, magazines, and trade publications. You will want your home to get the necessary level of exposure so it can reach many potential buyers.

Accepting Offers
When considering offers for your property, keep in mind that high offers are not necessarily the best ones. Your agent will help you evaluate every proposal and thoroughly assess each offer in order to guide you in choosing the right one. Be prepared to hear harsh truths about your home, no matter how difficult it might be to accept. When in doubt, follow your agent’s lead, because they always have your best interests at heart and their main objective is to help you achieve your goal in selling your home.

When all the paperwork has been processed, signed, filed, and all the required inspections are done, your agent will then provide you and the buyer with a settlement statement to be signed by both parties, and you turn over the keys of your former property to the brand-new owner.

Congratulations on making a sale!